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fraMESHift site updating

We are updating the web site of the fraMESHift project [http://projectframeshift.wordpress.com/] Have a look there for impressive new videos and info. FraMEShift – Interactive Dance Performance from VR&MM Park on Vimeo.

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Great article about fraMESHift

My colleague Paolo Armao published a great review of the fraMESHift project, here: http://paoloarmao.com/2012/08/23/frameshift2012/ Great layout, pics and description

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fraMESHift page added

I added a page about the fraMESHift project. “The performance is a complex distributed system ran by about 9 computers (mixed PCs and Macs). I’ve developed the real-time control of the virtual robot. A performer controls the 3D robot projection in real-time, on stage, through the use of a Kinect and two Wiimotes. We used Processing [...]

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