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Emscripten: Running C++/LLVM Code in Browsers!

Some time ago I’ve been impressed by the Emscripten project [https://github.com/kripken/emscripten/wiki]. It is a LLVM compiler to JavaScript! It means that you can take a C/C++ project, compile it with CLang (or another LLVM code generator), use Emscripten to convert it into JavaScript, and voilà: it runs into your browser. There are plenty of examples, among them also [...]

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Play the Physics page added

I added a page describing an old project called “Play the Physics“. “Play the Physics is an educational videogame devoted to teach Physics concepts to children.” “My role in the game was as developer. I took care of two features: adding to the game the floating helmet (the one throwing the freezing/heating jet) I programmed [...]

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Degeneration: my former Amiga Demo Scene Group listed on the net

Oh my gosh! Look at what I’ve found on the net: http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demos.php?where=group&query=Degeneration This is a list of the production carried our when I was member of Degeneration: a Demo Group in the Amiga Scene. At that time I used to code in Assembly 680×0 and C. Planet was a popular digital magazine (Well, popular in [...]

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Partial Class Definition and Simulated Dynamic Binding

While searching to a way to do Partial Class Definition in C++ I ended up to the definition of Simulated Dynamic Binding. See here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/140935/partial-class-definition-on-c In other words Simulated Dynamic Binding is a way to implement Partial Class Definition in C++, but I’m sure it will be helpful to solve many other problems of data [...]

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ATLAS page added

I added a link to the ATLAS project. “Within ATLAS I tool care of the procedural animation of the virtual interpreter. A custom animation engine (based on Enthusiasm, and thus on Ogre3D) has been developed to mix – in real time – all the independent communicative channels on the sign language (hand gestures, eye movement, [...]

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Enthusiasm page added

I added a page for the Enthusiasm project. “It is a real-time 3D application framework all based on open-source libraries. It integrates in a single platform: Ogre3D (video rendering), OpenAL (audio rendering), ODE (physical simulation), VLC (video play on 3D textures), ptypes (multithreading and concurrent programming), Buss and Kim IK library (IK for character animation), libOgg and libVorbis [...]

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Xine Canvas page added

I’ve created a page for the XineCanvas project. “I started this project some years ago because I was asked to develop a remotely controllable video player running on a Linux platform. Since I generally like to use Java for productivity and C/C+ only for performance reasons, I though it was a good change to try [...]

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