Play the Physics

Play the Physics is an educational videogame devoted to teach Physics concepts to children.

The idea was to produce a multi-level game, were each level had to focus on a particular concept (kinematic, heating, electro-magnetic fields, electricity, solid bodies dynamics, …). Unfortunately, the game was never finished because the funding project supported the creation of only a demo level.

The only finished level focuses on the change of state of materials (solid, liquid, gas).┬áHere’s a video of the complete gameplay:

Can’t se the video? Download the MP4 or the OGV formats.

The game was developed at the Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park, with the support of the italian game company Milestone. The game was funded by the local Piedmont Region.

My role in the game was as developer. I took care of two features:

  • adding to the game the floating helmet (the one throwing the freezing/heating jet)
  • I programmed the camera movement together with its position recording system

All the code was written in C++ and based on the Ogre3D engine.

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