150 Digit

From November 2010 to March 2011 I worked on the project 150Digit (http://www.150digit.it/).

“150 DIGIT – L’Italia delle scuole” is a project joining Esperienza Italia and is aimed to collect stories from schoolboys and schoolgirls, teachers and their territories: these stories will be added to those coming from promoters and curators of events in Turin.

The project has been officially supported by the commission promoting the celebration of 150 years of Italian unity: Esperienza Italia 150 (http://www.italia150.it/).

See here an announcement: http://www.italia150.it/Scuole/150-Digit.-L-Italia-delle-scuol.

In this project I took care of developing the web plugin of the Enthusiasm platform. The plugin has been developed as a java applet. Thanks to the SWIG bridge between the core C++ library and Java, we simply had to add the canvas rendering the Ogre3D content into a java Applet. All the plugin development was about supporting the dynamic download and unpack of a zippped project archive (containing scenes, 3D assets and scripts). The initialization takes advantage of the Java Web Start technology (aka jnlp protocol).



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