Revision Party 2013

Saturday 30 March 2013 I made a quick visit to the Revision Demo Party 2013, held in Saarbrücken, Germany.

A jump in the old good times of demoing and partying. I think it was more or less 20 years I was not attending a party! I was curious to see how the atmosphere was, smell of old burned cables, people sleeping on keyboards, extreme coding at work, and a lot of fun :-)
Nice to see that Amiga and C64 are still in the competition!

I’ve been shooting few pics and videos, just to give you the idea of the mood.

Game compo. A cool team developed, in 12 hours, a Wii game where – totally drunk – you use your… ehmm… WiiMote, to piss into a toilet. The more you advance in the levels, the more you get drunk, making it reeeeally difficult to score ;-)

The next video is an example of the introduction to demo competition sections. Really cool!

Direct Link: Revision Party 2013 – Old Skool Demo Intro

And here a short take during the DJ session:

Direct Link: Revision Party 2013 – DJ Session

However, I have a comment for the organisers. I’ve been asked to pay the full price (60 Euro) to attend a single evening. No reduced nor partial tickets were planned.

I agree that this is a fair price to attend the whole party: you get tables, chairs, power supply, Wi-Fi, toilets and showers. But this policy simply, completely, cut away the participation of non-sceners.

I would have loved to see “civilians” sitting on the first row to attend the demo compos. People that are normally spending an evening at the cinema or theatre, might love to see some digital art at work. There are many video artists around that would really enjoy the show. The day after I was not able to attend the party, but I would have never suggested friends to go to see the competition at that price.

I would love to see demo parties extended to “passive” attenders, at least during the show time, favouring an exchange of ideas between demo-addicted and art-lovers in general.

… and you might even have the chance to see more women around ;-)

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