Demo Scene seminar at CIRMA, University of Turin, Italy

NEW: The slides of the presentation are available: ElectronicGraffiti-SeminariCIRMA-130422-fnunnari

NEW: Link to the video stream hosted by Labotatorio Multimediale Guido Quazza

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I’m really proud to announce that I’ve been invited to conduct a seminar about the demoscene.

The seminar, entitled Graffiti Elettronici (Electronic Graffiti) will be held next Monday (22 April 2013 @ 17:00) at the CIRMA department (Center Interdipartimental for Research on Media and Audiovideo), University of Turin, Italy.

The official flyer can be found here. The seminar will be in italian, so a summarised translation follows.

Non-interactive multimedia applications made of special effects, electronic music, deadlines, last-minute fixes and a mission: squeeze the hardware to astonish the viewer. […]

Introductory journey to the world of the “scene” and its parties, kick-starters for the best multimedia software developers in the world. […]

The seminar will present a brief history of the demo scene, form its origins in the ’80 (on 8-bit systems) until today, where demos are made for PC, consoles as well as for the new web technologies. […]

The tools used in production and some programming techniques will be surveyed […]

There is also a FaceBook event.

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