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Hate and Love of Bugs

I found a really nice post here: Opinion: Voodoo at origin I think it worth mentioning: “We all love bugs; they are like nuggets of entertainment for programmers that sit roughly between the extremes of love and hate.” and “The world originĀ (0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f) in my opinion is the Bermuda triangle of games, strange things [...]

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Partial Class Definition and Simulated Dynamic Binding

While searching to a way to do Partial Class Definition in C++ I ended up to the definition of Simulated Dynamic Binding. See here: In other words Simulated Dynamic Binding is a way to implement Partial Class Definition in C++, but I’m sure it will be helpful to solve many other problems of data [...]

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Animated logo in main page added

Yeah. I just added an animated logo on the main page of this site I made it in Processing and then ran in Processingjs with no changes needed. Cool. Development time. Anout 2-3 hours, during the plane trip to LA.

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VERITAS 5th newsletter available

VERITAS, a project on which I’m involved, just published it’s 5th newletter:

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150Digit at Web3D 2012

I’m leaving for Los Angeles to present a poster about 150 Digit at the Web3D 2012 conference! The conference in co-located with the SIGGRAPH 2012. I’ll stay in LA a few more days to visit the SIGGRAPH … and for some holydays.

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