Processing.js in Android browser

Some time ago I experimented with Processingjs.

Processing.js is a web-based interpreter of the Processing system all developed in javascript and taking advantage on HTML5 canvas for rendering.

I’ve been able to run a simple image selector in the default Samsung Galaxy S Android browser (v2.3.3).

A processingjs application running in the Android 2.3.3 default browser

The motivation was the request to develop an application for both Android and iPhone. As a developer, I hate to repeat myself, and I find ridiculous to re-write an app from scratch because of corporate policies about supporting a language or another.

I discovered about Processingjs and I wondered if it would have been possible to run javascript application inside the os browsers, instead of writing native applications. With this approach you should be able to reach all the platforms populating this world ;-)

Something worked, despite the low performances and the incompatibility with some browsers. I didn’t investigated much. The processing code had to be adapted, and the most annoying thing is the need to specify the media to load with special tags hidden in java comments. Quite portable. But not very flexible.

I later discovered that the idea of taking advantage of the new HTML5 rendering canvas (and its new WebGL accelerated rendering) to develop cross platform (and expecially cross-mobile) applications is not new. Some platforms came out offering a parallel development and running environment for the development of application through javascript (see here for example).

Javascript and low performances: the price to pay to avoid the “design one, rewrite many” phenomenon.


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